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5 reasons why Amazon miniTV’s Lucky Guy can be your ideal weekender binge-watch

5 reasons why Amazon miniTV’s Lucky Guy can be your ideal weekender binge-watch

Can one youngster, with good luck on his side, set out to become the master of his own fate?
Amazon miniTV’s comedy-drama series, Lucky Guy explores the notion of what happens when you change someone’s life, luck or destiny, and how it affects everyone else. This one-of-a-kind uplifting series will take viewers on a riveting journey of a youngster stumbling upon magical power, gaining good luck, and the effects it has on his life. Below are five of the many reasons why Lucky Guy should be added to your watch list:
Intriguing and an emotional storyline: Lucky Boy is the story of a boy who becomes the luckiest guy on earth, receiving a locket. It allows him to escape mishaps, win lotteries, acquire money, and respect, and get away with things throughout high school and college, but everything comes with a price. The emotional bond between a boy and his grandmother enthralls the audience and captures the grief one feels when dealing with the loss of a loved one. The story makes us ponder whether or not relationships, friendships, and love are worth sacrificing in exchange for a chance at good luck.

A test of true friendship: Lucky Guy beautifully captures the highs and lows, friendships, heartbreaks, and everything else we experienced during our college years. This fantasy rom-com series follows two friends as they embark on their college journey, breaking rules, making new friends, finding love, and experiencing heartbreak, taking viewers through every emotion of college life. It also portrays how a locket alters the friendship between these two friends, putting their trust and bond to the test.

Fantasy-luck-filled ride: Lucky Guy is a fresh look at the human mind. Whether you believe in magic or fantasy, the series makes you second-guess your own thoughts. The character’s luck and the magical necklace have a profound impact on his love, friendship, and connections. Lucky Guy is a whole package of emotions, comedy, love, and drama. It is a fascinating hilarious story with an unexpected twist at the conclusion.

Essence of college days and romance: Reminisce on the complex emotions you experienced while discovering yourself and navigating romance in college. Lucky Guy routes the audience through a nostalgic journey with an adrenaline rush of emotions, recalling the jitters of first love and memories of the carefree and zero-responsibility days. Aside from providing insight into the lives of college students, the series is a joyful tale of a boy with a dash of good luck.

Free to watch: With a little fantasy wrapped around this rom-com drama, you can go on a magical ride to be a part of Lucky’s life. You do not need to pay anything to view this intriguing and beautiful show on a subscription basis. It will be available for free streaming on Amazon miniTV app and Fire TV.

Indulge in the drama of Lucky Guy with a dose of romance, luck, and comedy only on Amazon miniTV!