Sunday, September 24

Actor Akash Choudhary Expresses His Wish to Redefine Raksha Bandhan by Tying Rakhis to the ‘Rocket Women of Chandrayaan 3 Mission’

Actor Akash Choudhary Expresses His Wish to Redefine Raksha Bandhan by Tying Rakhis to the ‘Rocket Women of Chandrayaan 3 Mission’

Raksha Bandhan represents the love and trust between siblings. On this special day, sisters tie Rakhis on their brothers’ wrists and give blessings, while brothers promise to safeguard their sisters. But this year, Raksha Bandhan gains a fresh significance as actor Akash Choudhary takes a bold step to reshape customs. Breaking away from the usual practice, he shares his heartfelt desire to tie Rakhi not only to family but also to the courageous Rocket Women of Chandrayaan 3 Mission. These remarkable women have not only filled our hearts with pride but also etched their names in history by scripting a remarkable journey to the moon.

*Expressing his wish Akash Choudhary said,* “Rakshabandhan has always symbolized the unbreakable bond of protection and love. This year, I want to redefine tradition. I want to tie Rakhis not just to threads, but to the stars who walk amongst us. Kalpana Kalahasti, Reema Ghosh, Ritu Karidhal, Nidhi Porwal and several others – these remarkable women have etched their names in the cosmos. With a heart full of pride, they steered Chandrayaan 3 to the moon’s embrace, scripting history. As their brother and a brother of countless dreamers, I just do not want to celebrate but emulate their spirit. I vow to protect and empower, just as they did for the nation.”

“This Rakshabandhan, let’s salute the celestial strength that graces our world and celebrate the sisterhood of aspiration, dedication, and achievement. Let’s remember that the sky has no limit, and these Rocket Women prove it every day. To the sisters who reach for the stars, your journey fuels my collective dreams. Happy Rakshabandhan to the ones who tie us to the universe!,” *he added.*

On August 23rd, India achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the fourth country to successfully land on the moon. The Indian Space Research Organisation’s Chandrayaan-3 safely touched down on the challenging south pole region. Notably, this mission had over 100 women scientists and engineers who played a crucial role. Their dedication led to India’s lunar rover making history by landing near the moon’s south pole. During both the launch and the landing, many women were actively present in the control room, adding to the mission’s significance.

Akash Choudhary is a popular actor, model, and fashion influencer, known for his appearances on Splitsvilla 10 and Zee TV’s Bhagya Lakshmi.