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Actor Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji from Star Bharat’s recently launched show ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ visits ‘The City of Nawabs – Lucknow’*

*Actor Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji from Star Bharat’s recently launched show ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ visits ‘The City of Nawabs – Lucknow’

*LUCKNOW- February, 16 2024* – Star Bharat, renowned for its innovative narratives, continues to captivate audiences with its latest offering, ‘Shaitani Rasmein,’ a groundbreaking ‘Fantasy Thriller.’ Produced under the esteemed banner of Triangle Film Company by the acclaimed director and producer Nikhil Sinha, recognized for his remarkable contributions to acclaimed shows like ‘Devo Ke Dev Mahadev,’ ‘Siya ke Ram,’ and ‘The Adventures of Hatim.’ Since its launch, the show has been receiving immense love from viewers. ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ airs on Star Bharat at 10:pm every Monday-Saturday.

‘Shaitani Rasmein’ spins an enthralling narrative centred around Nikki, skillfully portrayed by the talented Naqiyah Haji, an orphan who discovers love in Piyush, portrayed by Vibhav Roy, the prince of the esteemed Gehlot Family of Bhurangarh. The story unfolds as they embark on the path to matrimony, blissfully unaware of the ominous secrets harbored by Piyush’s family. Upon their return to Bhurangarh, the couple unravels an unsettling saga, exposing the family’s pact with the demon Maalik. Nikki finds herself entangled in performing sinister rituals to consummate her marriage, heightening the stakes and infusing an air of suspense—will she emerge successful, or will she be compelled to make the ultimate sacrifice?

The channel arranged a press conference in the cultural city of Lucknow, known as the City of Nawabs, featuring the talented actors Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji, portraying the pivotal roles of Piyush and Nikki in the show. The event aimed to commemorate the overwhelming love and support the actors have garnered from viewers since the show’s inception.

While in Lucknow, actors Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji heightened the promotional efforts by making appearances at a radio station and prominent publication houses. Engaging in lively discussions during these interactions, the actors provided insights about the show, reminisced about their experiences on set, and indulged in sampling some of Lucknow’s culinary delights.

*Speaking about her visit to Lucknow Naqiyah shared* “This is my first visit to Lucknow to promote my show ‘Shaitani Rasmein.’ Lucknow has always intrigued me because of its rich cultural heritage. I’ve been fascinated by the exquisite clothing and delectable cuisine the city offers. Being here as a lead actor to promote our show among these warm and welcoming people has been a wonderful experience. The overwhelming love and support they’ve shown towards my character Nikki and our show is truly exceptional. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and interact with such amazing people who have embraced our show with open arms.”

*Sharing his experience on his visit to Lucknow Vibhav Roy stated* “Visiting Lucknow has been a heartwarming experience. The media and locals have extended such warm hospitality and affection. Witnessing the immense love our show “Shaitani Rasmein’ has garnered, it’s evident that the audience here deeply resonates with it. Lucknow, with its rich cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop to celebrate the audience’s affection. I’m truly humbled by the overwhelming love my character has received and thankful to the viewers to showring the show with immense love.”

Speaking about the innovative storyline a spokesperson from the channel says, “Star Bharat’s Shaitani Rasmein,’ is a groundbreaking venture into the supernatural realm, promising an unparalleled experience in the horror genre. With its distinctive visual narrative, it charts unexplored territories of fear, delivering a wedding fantasy drama that defies convention. People are witnessing the extraordinary as we have unveiled a visual treat, redefining the landscape of horror on television like never before for our viewers”

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