Sunday, July 14

Akash Choudhary Celebrates Unconditional Love for Beloved Dog Hazel on International Dog Day; Buys Gucci Collar Worth Whopping Rs 35 Thousand

Akash Choudhary Celebrates Unconditional Love for Beloved Dog Hazel on International Dog Day; Buys Gucci Collar Worth Whopping Rs 35 Thousand

In a world where we exchange tokens of affection with our loved ones, our faithful companions often miss out on the spotlight. However, on this International Dog Day, an act of exceptional love has emerged. Akash Choudhary’s heartwarming gesture of gifting his cherished dog, Hazel, a Gucci Color Bone collar worth an astounding Rs 35 Thousand is a profound reflection of the unbreakable bond between humans and their furry confidantes.

Hazel, the apple of Akash’s eye, is now the proud wearer of a Gucci Color Bone collar, a luxurious rarity in India and the UAE, especially for larger canine companions. Akash’s commitment to Hazel’s happiness led him to undertake the extraordinary feat of pre-ordering the collar from London and having it delivered with care.

“Beyond the price, this gesture represents the depths of my connection with Hazel,” *Akash expressed, revealing the heartfelt motivation behind this extraordinary gift.* “Dogs thrive on love and companionship. The collar, in its elegance, symbolizes the unique bond Hazel and I share.”

International Dog Day presented the ideal occasion for Akash to showcase his unwavering affection. While some may question the expense, *Akash emphasizes* that the value is far greater than the monetary sum. “I got the collar to strengthen our connection and ease my guilt of not doing enough for his happiness. He’s like a child to me and means everything to me. He has saved me during my worst times, and since he came into my life, I’ve been positive, never feeling sad or negative. He’s so important that the thought of losing him is dreadful. He keeps me going, and I’ve stopped risky behaviors for his sake. I owe it to him to be alive and care for him.”

“Expressing my emotions for him is a challenge, but one thing is certain: he’s transformed me completely. Who I am and what I’m achieving today, it’s all thanks to him. I owe my growth to him. He’s brought stability, strength, and structure to my life. But beyond all, he’s taught me patience. My attachment to him is so profound that I would go to great lengths for him, even risking my own life,” *he continued.*

Beyond his own gesture, Akash urges pet owners to cherish their furry companions with love and attention, emphasizing that it’s the emotional connection that truly matters. “Treat your pets and other animals like your own kids. Love them equally, regardless of wealth or status. What matters most to them is your affection, not material possessions. Cherish your time with them, as their lifespan is relatively short compared to ours. Offer them your full dedication. That’s the most valuable thing you can do. Let this serve as a reminder to celebrate the joy our pets bring into our lives. The collar is more than a statement piece; it’s a reflection of the love we share,” *Akash emphasized.*

For the unknown, Hazel is Akash Choudhary’s adopted pet. Akash stepped in to look after Hazel when he was dealing with hip issues. Thankfully, Akash’s unwavering love and careful attention have helped Hazel recover completely and become healthy.