Friday, June 14

Anshul Pandey: In the past, people with a ‘chocolaty’ appearance were often typecast, but with the rise of OTT…

Anshul Pandey: In the past, people with a ‘chocolaty’ appearance were often typecast, but with the rise of OTT…

Every actor dreams of experiencing various lives on screen through characters they can’t embody in real life. They long for diverse roles that challenge them and bring out their best. However, makers often try to put them in a mould. While some manage to break free, others remain stuck. Actor Anshul Pandey, who recently impressed audiences with his performance in the Watcho Exclusives series “Flash,” discussed the typecast culture and how the industry is evolving.

Anshul expressed, “With the rise of OTT platforms, the perception has shifted. In the past, people with a charming, ‘chocolaty’ appearance were often typecast into positive roles. But now, thanks to OTT, it’s recognized that even those who look good can have negative traits.”

“In real life, we see many examples of this. We all have our flaws, though not to the extreme of committing serious crimes. So, it’s about tapping into certain aspects of human nature, drawing from what you’ve read, heard, and observed,” he added.

The actor portrays the character of Vansh, a fashion photographer who carries some past baggage that leads to the twists and turns in the Watcho Exclusives series. While Anshul has usually played the boy-next-door in TV shows, he effortlessly played a grey character in Flash.

When asked how he prepared for the grey character, Anshul said, “When it comes to portraying really dark characters that I personally can’t relate to, I draw inspiration from various films or shows that I’ve watched. I pick up bits and pieces from different sources and adapt them based on the character I’m playing. For example, since I play a fashion photographer in this role, I gathered insights from my photographer friends to add authenticity to the character.”

Discussing the challenges he faced while portraying the character, Anshul added, “There weren’t many challenges in this role. My character Vansh only had to deal with a medical condition, so I had to research a bit to understand it better. However, since Vansh was speaking about it, it was relatively easy for me to portray because I didn’t actually have the condition myself. So, the preparation wasn’t very intense in terms of getting into the character’s mindset. He’s just a regular guy who has made some mistakes and is trying to hide them.”

Directed by Shaurya Singh, “Flash” on Watcho Exclusives is a gripping series following Vansh Kundra, a talented portrait photographer, drawn into mystery during a routine shoot with enigmatic Aksha Chauhan. In a lavish yet eerie penthouse, unexpected events challenge Vansh’s reality. Unveiling lies and secrets, “Flash” gradually reveals Aksha’s true identity and sinister forces, keeping viewers enthralled. Available exclusively on the Watcho App, “Flash” delivers a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more.