Sunday, July 14

Anvesha Vij supports Akshay Kumar for showing OMG 2 in schools: Sex education shouldn’t be such a sensitive topic*

Anvesha Vij supports Akshay Kumar for showing OMG 2 in schools: Sex education shouldn’t be such a sensitive topic

Actress Anvesha Vij, who portrayed Damyantri, Pankaj Tripathi’s daughter in OMG 2, has voiced her support for Akshay Kumar’s stance. She concurs with his belief that the film, despite receiving an A certificate, should be screened in schools. Akshay’s perspective is rooted in the film’s focus on a sensitive subject, leading him to regard it as the first adult-oriented movie crafted for teenagers.

Backing Akshay’s viewpoint, Anvesha stated, “I totally agree with Akshay Sir’s viewpoint. This movie should definitely be shown in schools. While it’s important for adults to watch, it’s even more crucial for teenagers. They’re the ones going through these changes and they should know that it’s absolutely okay to feel uncertain. It’s fine for them to reach out to their parents with questions.

She added, “Talking openly about sex education is completely okay. I know it’s not easy and it might feel a bit awkward, but that’s the whole point of this movie. We’re showing that if we use the right words and discuss it openly, these problems won’t seem as uncomfortable as they do now. Honestly, I believe that keeping this movie away from teenagers actually highlights its main message. Sex education shouldn’t be such a sensitive topic. I truly hope that this movie helps many people, if not most, to grasp its importance and the need to discuss this topic.”

During an interaction with the audience, Akshay shared, “This marks the first adult film specifically tailored for teenagers. It should unquestionably find its place in schools.”

Directed by Amit Rai, the movie features Akshay Kumar embodying the persona of Lord Shiva. ‘OMG 2’ also stars Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi, and Arun Govil of Ramayan fame. This satirical comedy-drama is a sequel to the 2012 hit ‘OMG- Oh My God!’ The film is produced by Cape of Good Films, Ashwin Varde, Vipul D Shah, and Rajesh Bahl. Dr. Chandraprakash Diwedi serves as the creative producer, and Amalendu Chaudhary handles cinematography duties.