Wednesday, July 17

Aspiring Actor turned Writer Tarun Jangid OPENS UP on how life changed after meeting late Irrfan Khan and his journey as an audio series writer

Aspiring Actor turned Writer Tarun Jangid OPENS UP on how life changed after meeting late Irrfan Khan and his journey as an audio series writer

They say, “Dreams Come True,” but timing is everything. Tarun Jangid, the writer behind the audio series ‘Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai’ for Pocket FM, understands this well. Initially aspiring to be an actor, Tarun began his journey in theatre, performing in various places. However, fate led him down a different path, shaping him into a writer. Although his acting dreams didn’t take centre stage, Tarun reminisced about a significant moment – meeting the late actor Irrfan Khan, an encounter that left an enduring impact on his life.

Opening up about his meetings with his idol, late actor Irrfan Khan, Tarun Jangid, “The late Irrfan Khan is someone I admire the most, and he was one of the first actors I met from the industry. During an event in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where he was the brand ambassador, I was studying commerce and managing the event simultaneously. I’ve always been a huge fan of his work and used to create small videos dubbing Irrfan Khan’s dialogues. Although the event team wasn’t allowed personal interactions, I was curious to meet him and take a picture as I’ve always been his fan. When he was reading the script in a room, I decided to help by grabbing two to three cups of coffee on a tray to serve him and the guests. Even though I saw my inspiration right in front of me, I didn’t have the courage to talk to him or ask for a picture. So, I quietly placed the coffee on the table and decided to walk back.

He continued, “But, unexpectedly, Irrfan sir noticed me, gave me a look, and I quickly asked him for a picture. He went silent for a few seconds, and I got scared. But then, very humbly and politely he agreed for the picture and said “Yes, yes take a picture, no problem!” My hands were shaking when I was clicking, but he politely offered to take the selfie himself. Meeting him is one of the best and most surreal moments of my life that I will cherish forever.”

“Meeting Irrfan Khan changed my life. His kindness and wisdom made me see things differently. In that short meeting, I felt inspired, like a new chapter was beginning. Life’s twists became more meaningful, teaching me that every meeting, every moment, can bring positive changes. That meeting stayed with me, sparking my interest in theatre and writing. And today, I’m glad to be associated and writing for a reputed audio platform such as Pocket FM, ” he concluded.

‘Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai’, written by Tarun Jangid, unfolds as a romantic family drama audio series. The story centres around Naina, haunted by the demons of her past, who encounters Karthik, a refreshing breeze in her life. However, fate takes an ironic turn when Aaryan, Kartik’s brother and Naina’s childhood friend, also develops feelings for her. The plot thickens as Naina is faced with a crucial choice – who will she choose in this intricate web of love? To find out, download Pocket FM and listen to Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai.