Sunday, September 24

*#AVMTrivia | The story behind the iconic AVM Productions globe.

#AVMTrivia | The story behind the iconic AVM Productions globe

The AVM Globe is a landmark in Chennai, one that gets photographed every day. It has been featured in numerous movies and holds the energies of countless cinema dreams and achievements.

Through the 1950’s, the gate used to have separate lettering for AVM Productions and AVM Studios, on either side of the entrance. Shri AV. Meiyappan wanted to have them both together, in a way that would convey the ethos of the brands. He called Shri P.S. Govinda Rao, an architect to discuss and thus was born the idea of a globe that would have both AVM Productions and AVM Studios and represent the vision.

The globe was made in Bangalore, and fixed with neon lettering so that it would glow at night. It is the same globe that has been painstakingly maintained all these years, and remains an iconic landmark, both of his legacy and of Chennai.

There are replicas in the AVM Heritage Museum as well, that you can photograph yourself with.