Tuesday, March 21

Cosplay Lovers Nagma Mirajkar, Mohammed Ali Mirajkar share about their favourite characters

The wait for all the Mumbaikar’s is finally over as Mumbai Comic Con is just around the corner. After the success of Bengaluru and Delhi where thousands of Cosplayers participated , Comic Con India has now reached the city of dreams. All the pop culture enthusiasts after two years will witness the celebrations that have lived long for over a decade now, and have a chance to live their passion . With so much buzz and excitement for its 10th edition in the Bay, some popular faces across social media platforms have answered the question- who would they Cosplay as? ?

Here’s what they had to say;

Nagma Mirajkar: Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer is probably the first and only name that comes to my mind. It would be quite fun to adorn her look. She is fierce, feisty, fearless and caring, all in one. Nezuko has faced some painful challenges in her life, but has always battled every hurdle head-on. Even after being transformed into a dreaded demon, she manages to retain the side that made her human, and also evolves into a much calmer entity. This shows that Nezuko is ready to embrace change, something I also believe in. Above all, one of the biggest reasons I feel a sense of belonging with her is the relation she shares with her brother. Nezuko’s bond with Tanjiro isn’t quite unlike the one I have with Mohammed, my brother. There’s a lot of love mixed with some fights and quibbles between them. In the end though, this brother-sister duo will always be each other’s support system, and that is something that I too share with my sibling. I also think it would be quite cool to don that pink kimono. So, these are the reasons why I would love to cosplay as Nezuko.

Mohammed Ali Mirajkar: A pop culture character that’s really close to my heart is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Tanjiro Kamado. If I had to cosplay as someone, it would definitely be him. He is the perfect balance of warm humanity and razor-sharp aggression. He is a guy who is good at letting things go, but someone who will never take his eye off the mission. Even when it comes to slaying demons, it is the ghouls who terrorize that he targets, while being kind to the ones who seek salvation and have guilt for their sins. What makes me relate to Tanjiro on a deeper level is the relationship he shares with his sibling. He is incredibly protective of Nezuko and will move mountains for her. This is an equation I share with my sister Nagma as well. No matter what the scenario, Tanjiro always have Nezuko’s back, pretty much like how I will always have my sibling’s back. Last but not the least, why I love Tanjiro is because he will never shy away from asking for help when needed even though he is quite mighty and strong himself. So, if you spot someone dressed up as Tanjiro, you never know, it might just be me!

Just Janvi: They do say cats have nine lives, so who better than DC’s very Catwoman as my official cosplay choice. I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious yet magnetic charm that Catwoman exudes, may it be in the comic books or her cinematic adaptations. Starting out a simple and unassuming woman called Selina Kyle, her journey into Gotham’s fiercest feline is quite cool. One of the biggest reasons I would like to embody her avatar is how she turned the bruises that society gave her into absolute strength. Like a phoenix, she rose from dark ashes to become a figure that may be grey, but one that everyone knows. Her relationship with Batman is also quite interesting. While they may have a romance brewing, Catwoman is never intimated or subdued by Batman, but rather toys with him as an equal, something that I admire. Lastly, to be honest, the catsuit would be a really rocking outfit for me to adorn, so it’s a win-win situation in every way!

Well, it would be interesting to see how Coplayers this year will get more creative and will any of the aforementioned will be popular choices for Cosplayers. Well that is something that you’ll get to see at Maruti Suzuki Arena Mumbai Comic Con 2023, powered by Meta in association with Crunchy Roll & Boat which is happening on 11th and 12th February. So watch out!