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Five Things Fans Are Anticipating In The Blockbuster Finale Of Reacher Season 2

Five Things Fans Are Anticipating In The Blockbuster Finale Of Reacher Season 2

As the TV adaptation of Lee Child’s iconic anthology first came out on Prime Video, Alan Ritchson’s Reacher gained widespread popularity across the globe. With season two proving to be an explosive extension to the previous one, ardent fans are now eagerly waiting for a nail-biting finale. Reacher Season 2 follows ex-military investigator Jack Reacher, who receives a mysterious coded message unveiling the series of murders of members from his previous unit. He gets together with his former teammates Frances Neagley, Karla Dixon, and David O’Donnell to uncover the truth and take revenge for people he considered family.

With the gripping finale just across the corner, here are five reasons why fans are waiting with bated breaths for the last episode of Reacher Season 2 to release on Prime Video-

*A High-Stake Finale*
Three things that will keep the viewers at the edge of their seats as we approach the grand finale of Reacher Season 2 are – more action, suspense, and a whole lot of drama. The 110th MP Special Investigations Unit will either win the battle or lose the battle of saving their teams’ lives. Jack Reacher has now already made up his mind to anyhow find the betrayer and save the Investigations Unit. The dream team is all set for the never-seen-before action-pack finale to thrill the audience.

*Will Season 2 End With A Red Herring For Season 3?*
Fans all over the world are excited to know whether the finale will end with a red herring for season 3 or not. As we see in the season Reacher along with his key member of the team Neagley are set to save their team members. Will Reacher who is full of ideas be able to trick the villain of the season (Langston) or will he get trapped in the web that Langston has planned which is to get hundreds of missiles out onto the streets?

*Will the Cold-Blooded Killer Surrender?*
Jack Reacher has always been a cold-blooded killer from season 1 to the current season. The ex-military investigator is at the door to unveil the betrayer and save the Investigations Unit in the penultimate episode. The question remains will Reacher save the day by using his terrific intelligence and defeating the antagonist? Or will he be forced to surrender Langston’s trap to save the team?

*Who Is The Betrayer?*
After finding out that Reacher’s friend, Calvin Franz was murdered, and thrown out of a helicopter, he’s not sure who he can still trust. Anyone on the team can be the betrayer, including former flame Karla Dixon, family man David O’Donnell, and the shifty Tony Swan. As we approach the finale, viewers are edging closer to solving the mystery and discovering the identity of the black sheep, who is deceiving the entire 110th MP Special Investigations Unit.

*Will Jack Reacher leave his love once again?*
Jack Reacher who was seen getting too close to Margrave PD officer Roscoe Conklin played by Willa Fitzgerald in season 1, also gets close to Major Karla Dixon played by Serinda Swan in season 2. As the finale inches closer, will Reacher continue his journey with his newly found love Karla or will he leave her just like his old love Roscoe Conklin?

All of the above anticipation will be answered by the much-loved titular character Reacher in the eighth and final episode of season 2 which will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on January 19.