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“I was Sonu and Neha’s manager for a long time” reveals Tony Kakkar in the latest episode of By Invite Only

“I was Sonu and Neha’s manager for a long time” reveals Tony Kakkar in the latest episode of By Invite Only

Mumbai, 4 May 2023: Amazon miniTV’s celebrity talk show, By Invite Only’s latest episode was packed with entertainment as the music director-turned singer, Tony Kakkar and the versatile singer-songwriter, Yohani, with musical loops interspersed, decode their off-screen lives. Oscillating between personal breakthroughs & doling out gossip, the episode is bound to keep audiences hooked.

During the conversation, host Renil mentioned about the changes in the Indian Music Industry with time. He asked “How does it feel to be living in a time and working in a time where you can be the face of the content that you put out?” To which Yohani replied, “Amazing. Because it’s your work. It’s the time you put into the music, the creation, the melody, lyrics, alternation of the song.” Tony Kakkar added to this by saying, “Absolutely, I feel it’s very nice. Earlier if it’s your creation and people don’t know that it is your song, what can be the worst thing than that. And for a long time, maybe these playback singers were like this because of being out of choice. I feel that it must hurt, I mean it’s my song and people don’t know that it’s my song. So now it feels better, in fact now they say he is a ‘Coca Cola’ singer.”

When talking about his journey and career, Tony Kakkar revealed how he was the full-time manager of his sisters, he said, “Actually not many people know and it’s very convenient to say it’s probably because of Neha or Sonu. Actually the story is that I was Sonu and Neha’s manager for a long time. I used to take all their calls, I did this for a long time. On the contrary when we came to Mumbai, renting a place, its contract, all the running around, I’ve done all that, with mom and dad obviously.”

He also expressed how his sisters have helped him be who he is as a human being. “I feel that being my sisters they have taught me how to be a good human being, how to be a good artist. But the songs were mine. It’s not like I sang someone else’s song. I made the song, composed it, and produced the music as well. So I don’t know from where people who aren’t aware use the word nepotism”, he added.

Yohani also addressed the most difficult part of her journey and said, “I think it’s the decision I made to actually switch to singing from my accounting”, she said.
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