Monday, June 24

If OTT hadn’t gained popularity, we wouldn’t have discovered Pankaj Tripathi’s exceptional acting abilities: Aahana Kumra

If OTT hadn’t gained popularity, we wouldn’t have discovered Pankaj Tripathi’s exceptional acting abilities: Aahana Kumra

Aahana Kumra is among the talented individuals in the entertainment industry who have demonstrated their acting prowess across various mediums, including TV, OTT, and films. The actress was recently seen attending Dish TV events as a special guest and unveiling their latest innovation ‘Dish TV Smart+’ in three cities: Indore, Lucknow, and Jaipur. During the event, the Aahana discussed the rise of OTT in the country and emphasized the importance of theatre.

*Sharing her views on how OTT has influenced new talents and stages, Aahana Kumra said,* “Many artists have been dedicated to theatre for years without getting a chance to shine. Without the rise of OTT platforms, we would never have discovered many new talents. OTT has certainly become a new medium of entertainment, and I’m thrilled that Dish TV has introduced ‘Dish TV Smart+.’ This innovation will undoubtedly give viewers access to a variety of OTT platforms, enabling them to explore a wide range of talents and new content in one place. It’s inspiring to see so many emerging talents. Meeting artists from places like Jabalpur, Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, and Bareilly reveals the depth of talent out there, but they never had a proper platform to shine. Take Pankaj Tripathi, an NSD graduate who is now finally receiving the recognition he deserves. Without the rise of OTT platforms and the production of some finely crafted series, we might never have discovered his exceptional acting skills.”

*When asked what is her first love, Aahana said,* “I’ve started with the stage i.e. theatre. Hence, theatre has always been my first love because I believe the stage is my medium of expression. In cinema, directors, editors, and DOPs determine the visual narrative. However, in theatre, I have control over my performance, which is why I find it more empowering. However, I’m an artist and be it theatre, cinema or any other platform I would like the audience to recognize me and appreciate my work across all platforms..

The actress also thinks that theatre is very crucial but people may have not realised its importance yet. *She shared,* “Many film actors work in theatre. I think this trend is less in India because once you become a film star, people think there’s no need to look back. But it’s essential to keep theatre alive, especially in our country, where we don’t get much support for theatre, not even from the government. But people do love it. I’ve been doing it for so many years. I performed in your JKK recently, literally performing till 11:30 at night, despite the temperature being 8 degrees. But everyone stayed till the end. I’ve seen how much love people have for theatre, so I think it should be supported.”

The actress unveiled Dish TV Smart+’ which grants customers unprecedented access to both TV and OTT content across all screens, at no extra charge. It promises convenience, flexibility, and an expanded array of entertainment choices, empowering customers to customize their viewing experience according to their preferences.