Sunday, May 28

“If there is something, then why not with Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2”, says Vikrant Massey on hosting

Mumbai, 19th April 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released series – Crimes Aaj Kal is shaping up to be a good one for true crime fans. Every episode explores a new story, based on real events/incidents, keeping us glued to the screen. Inundating our minds with incidents of tragic crimes, this crime anthology is directed & written by Subbu Iyer, produced by Vipul Shah (Optimystix Productions) is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV for free. Vikrant Massey, the host of the show spoke candidly about Anup Soni, his future projects and how he would love to host Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2.

Talking about Anup Soni, Vikrant Massey revealed how he would end up sounding like him while narrating the story. He said, “I was actually thinking that I don’t want to copy Anup Ji because you know he is the king of that space. And the moment you start hosting something especially which is crime oriented, or which also needs to impart on the good-wise note, note for the youth to sort of take threat. I realised that at some point I was actually sounding like him because it naturally came to me, I will end up finishing my sentence how he would, and it was a very conscious thing from my end to not do it. And as I said, he is the king of that space, so I think the moment you start hosting something or interacting with a camera a lot of your mannerisms end up becoming like Anup Soni.”

Throwing light on him working with Amazon miniTV and his future projects, Vikrant said, “I have already worked with Amazon Prime Videos, this is my first time with Amazon miniTV though. And I congratulate the entire team of Amazon miniTV for a stupendous job with Crimes Aaj Kal and of course you will see me doing a lot more stuff with Amazon of course. Like this is Crimes Aaj Kal, I have done Mirzapur and as I said I am thoroughly proud of it,” He also expressed his desire of working as a host for Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2, the actor said, “I hope so too. And if there is something, then why not with Crimes Aaj Kal Season 2, hopefully. I am excited and you know if somebody has something interesting, then why not, I am always open to new ideas.”

Crimes Aaj Kal is produced by Optimystix Productions and directed by Subbu. The series is available on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV for absolutely free.