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India’s one of the most popular YouTuber ‘Mumbaikar Nikhil’ with wife Shanice grace the sets of ‘By Invite Only’

India’s one of the most popular YouTuber ‘Mumbaikar Nikhil’ with wife Shanice grace the sets of ‘By Invite Only’

Mumbai, 8th May 2023- Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, today dropped the promo of the upcoming episode of its celebrity chat show ‘By Invite Only’. Every weekly episode of ‘By Invite Only’ offers significant doses of fun, banter, quirky responses, performances and catching the guests off guard, keeping the vibe sassy, engaging and fun! The latest promo sees one of India’s most popular YouTuber – Nikhil Kumar Sharma a.k.a Mumbaikar Nikhil and his wife Shanice.

The promo gives a glimpse of Renil roasting his guests with all his wittiness and getting them to their best element of fun. Besides, Renil asking Nikhil about his first relationship, Shanice acting all sarcastic, Nikhil and Shanice sharing their views about their baby Sky’s exposure on the YouTube channel to which Shanice says, “I never believed in forcing the kid to perform in front of the camera. We only love to capture her true spirits/elements, whatever she does for herself, she is nothing but a baby now”.

The highlight of the promo however is the fun banter between the couple, and Shanice’s amusing and blithe responses for Nikhil seems to be the episode stealer. Before appearing on the show Nikhil shared his anticipation and said, “I love the camera and I love to stay in touch with my followers/people and share the highlights of my day & life, but being on a chat show, with a host that swears to put you in trouble along with my wife Shanice, I am sure the audience is going to have a gala time watching us converse, while Renil throws intriguing and tricky questions at us”.

“I love candid conversations that just flows as we speak and By Invite Only is that kind of a chat show where guests forget they are on screen because Renil makes it so easy to vibe in, I have seen a few episodes and I am excited to be on it with my husband and so looking forward to spending some pleasant time”, said Shanice.

By Invite Only is produced by The Zoom Studios and the episode will stream on 8th May on Amazon miniTV for free, available within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.

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