Thursday, September 28

Meet Bihar’s Young Storyteller Muskan Kumari the writer of Pocket FM’s audio series ‘Superstar’s Hidden Wife’

Meet Bihar’s Young Storyteller Muskan Kumari the writer of Pocket FM’s audio series ‘Superstar’s Hidden Wife’


Life has a way of surprising us with its twists and turns. Some discover their true path later in life, while others find it at a young age. For budding writer Muskan Kumari, who has written the popular audio series ‘Superstar’s Hidden Wife’ for Pocket FM; destiny knocked early at the age of 21. In a world where dreams meet reality, Muskan’s journey is a testament to the fact that sometimes our passions can bloom unexpectedly, painting a beautiful picture of success even in our tender years.

As a young girl, she never imagined that the app she used to enjoy listening to audio series on would become her platform for self-expression. Introduced to Pocket FM by her elder sister during her first year of college, Muskan was drawn to the allure of studying while indulging in engaging content. Little did she know that she could contribute to this world herself.

Writing wasn’t a dream she had nurtured; it was more of an experimental adventure. She decided to give it a shot, initially without any grand expectations. But her storytelling resonated with the audience in ways she couldn’t have foreseen.

*She recalls,* “When I saw my first salary in my bank account, I rushed to my mom in disbelief. I knew I had to do something special with it. So, I gave it to my dad and told him to fulfill his dreams, the dreams he had put aside for us all these years. His eyes lit up, and for the first time, I saw the sparkle of his aspirations taking shape.”

Muskan’s journey also inspired her friends, many of whom were skeptical about earning through an app. She proved that original, quality content could indeed turn into a source of income. Her success on Pocket FM, motivated her friends to embrace their passions and explore their potential.

Expressing her gratitude to Pocket FM, *Superstar’s Hidden Wife writer says,* “Pocket FM has been my magic carpet of self-expression and independence. It’s not just an app; it’s a portal that lets me share my stories, dreams, and aspirations with the world. I’m grateful to have found this platform at such a young age. It’s given me the power to weave words into tales that touch hearts, while also empowering me to stand on my own feet. With Pocket FM, my journey from a small town in Bihar to a confident storyteller has been truly extraordinary.”

Currently balancing her writing with her family responsibilities and studies, Muskan envisions a future where she continues to write even after marriage. In her simple yet profound words, *Muskan reflects,* “I believe in focusing on your passion and art. The rest will follow naturally. And if you’re fortunate, like me, it might even lead you to an unexpected journey of success.”

Today, Muskan’s words weave stories that touch hearts. Her journey from a small town to an independent writer echoes the power of embracing new opportunities. She serves as an inspiration to those who dare to explore their hidden talents and passions. Muskan’s story is a reminder that dreams can flourish in unexpected places, and a single step towards curiosity can lead to a journey of independence and fulfillment.