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Mudasir Bhat OPENS UP on bond with Oh My Wife!

Mudasir Bhat OPENS UP on bond with Oh My Wife!Co-stars, doing a lead role, acting journey and more

Actor Mudasir Bhat, renowned for his roles in Crackdown 1 and Crackdown 2, recently ventured into the role of a forensic expert for the first time in Watcho Exclusives’ Oh My Wife! The actor, captivated by both the script and his character Vivek, found inspiration in seasoned actor Kumud Mishra Ji while preparing for the role. His performance in the Watcho Exclusives series is now earning accolades from viewers. Mudasir Bhat has now shared insights into what resonated with him in the series, his camaraderie with co-stars Lokesh Batta and Sneha Singh Sisodia, his acting journey, dealing with rejections, and more.

*Q.1) What was the best part about Watcho Exclusives Oh My Wife! for you and your character in particular?*
For me, the best part was that 75% of the script of Watcho Exclusives Oh My Wife! was based on my character and shot with me. While it was challenging for me as I had to remember a handful of dialogues within a short period, it was equally fulfilling. However, I ensured to give my best shot, put in all my hard work and was proud of the output at the end. Whatever work I have done to date, did not demand me to be all out there, but here, I was the centre focus, which was difficult but at the same time rewarding.

*Q.2) Do you take any inspiration from C.I.D famous character forensic expert Dr. Salunkhe for Oh My Wife!?*
Honestly, I haven’t watched C.I.D or TV shows much, but one of my uncles is an ardent follower of such shows. So, I kept on discussing scenes with him, which helped me understand things better. Also, crime scenes have been a part of many Bollywood and Hollywood films, which served as a source of learning for me.

*Q.3) Tell us about your bond with your co-stars of Oh My Wife!…*
We all gelled up well. I believe your offscreen bond reflects on screen. If you have a good offscreen chemistry with your co-stars, it translates onscreen and the result is amazing. We were all very friendly and comfortable around each other. Lokesh and I bonded over our love for cricket, while Sneha and I got into discussions over acting.

*Q.4) Please take us through your journey in the entertainment industry.*
I began acting in 2014 after being a fashion model. Although modelling was rewarding, it became repetitive. So, I moved to Mumbai and joined a theatre group called Parakh, where I’m now a founding member. This theatre group taught me the essence of acting. Acting is challenging, and each day I learn something new. In theatre, everyone is treated equally – there are no seniors or juniors. I’ve learned by ABCs of acting from theatre, and I will always be grateful for it.

*Q.5) A lot of times actors tend to limit themselves in a genre or medium, did you ever have such a phase?*
No, I haven’t faced the brunt of being typecast yet. Fortunately, all the characters that I have been offered are quite different from each other and have allowed me to grow as an actor. Moreover, being from a theatre background, I believe in accepting whatever comes my way.

*Q.6) Did you face any rejections and how did you deal with them?*
I believe facing and accepting rejection is crucial. It helps build confidence. I used to be a national-level cricketer, and even there, we encountered rejections. Rejection, in a way, makes you strong, resilient and better.

*Q.7)Do you feel you have gotten your due as an actor? Also, if acting doesn’t work out, what’s your backup plan?*
Acting is everything for me—Plan A, B, and C. I feel like I’m doing good work and slowly gaining the recognition I deserve. If things weren’t going well, I might have returned to my hometown a long time ago.
Streaming on Watcho, Oh My Wife!, written and directedShaurya Singh, unfolds as a suspenseful thriller featuring Mudasir Bhat, Lokesh Batta, Sneha Singh Sisodia, and Deepanshi N. Shakya in key roles. In this Watcho Exclusives series, the plot centres around Vivek, a skilled forensic expert entangled in personal turmoil amid a high-profile murder case. The narrative unfolds with gripping suspense, leaving audiences guessing until the very end.