Friday, June 21

PI Meena reaches No #1 on Amazon Prime Video India within a day of launch

PI Meena reaches No #1 on Amazon Prime Video India within a day of launch

Launched on November 3rd, PI Meena became the No #1 programme on Prime Video India. At the time of going to press, the series still held that position. At a recent press meet, downplaying the performance of the show, the lead Tanya Maniktala and the Creator Arindam Mitra decided to focus on both, the character and the World that they built for the audiences.

They spoke about the genesis of the idea for this project, their thoughts behind making this novel series and the uniquely real character of Meenakshi Iyer.

Tanya Maniktala, who plays the bold and energetic character of Meena, expressed her delight at the reception the show has garnered. She also spoke about how playing Meena was both, enjoyable, challenging and how it pushed her to explore new facets of her acting prowess.

Creator Arindam Mitra shed light on working on a story of a private detective and a deadly virus, long before the World was hit by the pandemic. He stressed on the flawed nature of Meenakshi’s character while explaining how that made her more relatable and real.

The show’s remarkable performances and engaging storyline have certainly generated a buzz, making ‘PI Meena’ a standout series in the digital space. With Tanya Maniktala’s remarkable portrayal of Meena, Arindam Mitra’s vision and an innovative plot built around an exciting young detective in a whodunnit, PI Meena serves as a compelling watch.