Thursday, June 1

Pocket FM Blockbuster Audio Series ‘Insta Millionaire’ Storms Audio Entertainment; Surpassed Rs. 30 Crore Revenue

~ It has been clicked for 300+ million plays, resulting in over 3.5 billion listening minutes ~

March 24, 2023: Pocket FM has made a remarkable achievement as its blockbuster audio series “Insta Millionaire” has surpassed over Rs 30 crore in revenue. With over 900 episodes, this extensive storytelling has taken the world by storm and surpassed 300 million plays across English, Hindi and Tamil, clocking over 3.5 billion listening minutes.

Commenting on the success of the blockbuster show, Ashu Behl, SVP-Content and Strategy, Pocket FM said, “Our audio series offer long-form storytelling that engages and captivates our listeners. ‘Insta Millionaire’ has been a massive success, and we’re thrilled to see a growing appetite among our audience for unconventional genres like sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers. In fact, some of these series are generating the same level of demand and revenue as any popular web or TV shows. With the increasing adoption of audio, we firmly believe that audio storytelling will emerge as another mainstream category of entertainment. At Pocket FM, we’re excited to be leading the change and can’t wait to see the future of entertainment unfolding with audio series.”

Swapnil Jain, the writer who scripted the storytelling for Insta Millionaire, elaborates that the captivating story of “Insta Millionaire” follows the journey of a young man named ‘Lucky’, as he rises from rags to riches in a thrilling game of luck. Despite his humble beginnings and struggles, Lucky remains strong and selfless, keeping his hardships hidden from his love-life, even when his girlfriend cheats on him.

“As a storyteller, Insta Millionaire’s success is an achievement that has allowed me to spread my wings and soar to greater heights. Pocket FM has given me the opportunity to share my passion for storytelling with a wider audience. With their immense support, writers like myself can bring our tales to life, captivate listeners with every word and share it with the world.,” Jain added.

The gripping storyline of “Insta Millionaire” has resonated with listeners of various ages, but has especially struck a chord with younger audiences. With a staggering 80% of its listeners falling between the ages of 18-35, this audio series has become a major source of entertainment.

Beside Insta Millionaire, Pocket FM boasts a collection of over 1500 audio-series. It has a library that includes an extensive range of audio series catering to a wide variety of genres, from romantic tales to spine-tingling thrillers.