Friday, June 21

Pocket FM’s Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai creates waves with 400+ million plays and counting

Pocket FM’s Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai creates waves with 400+ million plays and counting

Pocket FM’s romantic audio fiction series ‘Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai’ has swept the hearts of listeners and surpassed a remarkable milestone of 400+ million plays. The captivating tale of love, loss, and redemption has captured the hearts of listeners across the globe, making it an undeniable sensation on the platform. With its compelling storyline, entangled in the vortex of relationships, this audio series has struck a chord with listeners from all corners of the world, and has proven to be a must-listen for anyone who loves a good romance.

Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai is a beautiful audio series that revolves around the lives of two strangers who are brought together by fate. The story takes a turn when the girl’s fiancé runs away on the night before her wedding. Devastated and heartbroken, the girl finds herself in a marriage bureau where she proposes marriage to an unknown person standing near her, who turns out to be not an ordinary guy. With twists and turns at every step, the series follows the two strangers as they navigate their way through a complicated marriage, facing various challenges and obstacles along the way. Will they find their way to true love and a happy ending? Listen to Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai on Pocket FM to find out.

RJ Kratika, the narrator of Pocket FM’s Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai, expressed her delight over the series’ massive success. She said, “I am thrilled to see the immense success of ‘Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai’ on Pocket FM. As the narrator of this captivating story, I am overjoyed to see how it has resonated with the audiences. It’s heartwarming to know that listeners have been hooked onto the storyline and are invested in the lives of these characters. It was an incredible experience to bring the story to life and take listeners on a journey of love, relationships, and self-discovery. The power of storytelling lies in its ability to connect with people, and this series has certainly done that. I hope that the success of Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai inspires more people to listen to audio fiction and explore the world of storytelling.”

RJ Kratika’s captivating voice has breathed life into the story’s characters, and her dedication to the craft is reflected in the series’ success. The audio series’ immersive storytelling, combined with RJ Kratika’s engaging narration, has made Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai an audio fiction must-listen for romance enthusiasts.