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The Haunting.* Offering a unique blend of suspense, thriller, and terror, horror

5 reasons Why The Haunting on Amazon miniTV will leave you with a pounding pulse and a racing heart
Mumbai, 24th April 2023: Amazon miniTV recently dropped their horror-thriller short film, The Haunting. Starring Erica Fernandez in the lead, alongside Gul Panag and Prakruti Mishra, the film seems to have permanently lodged itself in our heads. The short film offers a tangible feeling of dread, steadily enveloping the viewers and threatening to engulf everyone in a contagious paranoia.
The horror-Thriller genre has always been a go-to-watch for the viewers and its edge-of-the-seat thrilling elements keep audiences hooked to the screens. Offering a unique blend of suspense, thriller, and terror, Horror movies allow us to experience the rush of adrenaline that comes with it. ‘The Haunting’ is based on true incidents and is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV for free.
The Haunting unfolds the chilling mystery of a murder jam-packed with thrilling and terrifying scenes tapping into our deepest fears. With its gore-filled scenes and the use of special effects, here are 5 reasons why this short film must be on your watch-list this season.
Spine-Tingling Trailer
The Haunting’s trailer is absolutely terrifying in its own right. In about a one and a half-minute preview, audiences will come across many questions to which the answers can only be found after watching the short film. The five stages of being possessed and how it leads to petrifying events. It accurately depicts the horrendous, thrilling mystery that The Haunting is about to unfold.
Compelling Storyline to keep viewers hooked
The Haunting is the story about a girl, Moushmi Mohanty, who is trying to persuade the police and a psychiatrist that her sister and best friend were killed by a demon. However, this isn’t much information. It certainly piques your interest in watching the short film to see what happens to Moushmi Mohanty. It’s time for some upending horror tropes and jump scares.
Unforeseeable Wriggles
The short film is nail-gripping and unpredictable. Just when you think you’ve figured out the cause for the grinning murder and mayhem, you get introduced to another twist or turn. This paranormal whiplash makes it hard to distinguish between reality and fantasy. With every twist and turn, The Haunting will make us feel completely ungrounded.
Hard-Gripping performance by The Cast
Erica Fernandez gives a stunning performance, making it more gripping for the audience to watch. It is utterly natural to watch her act as she completely justifies the character of the possessed girl, with a range of variation in her portrayal. Prakruti Mishra and Gul Panag are seen playing pivotal parts to absolute perfection.
A Creepy Ride of real-life Incidents
The Haunting is set to make things a lot scarier and more supernatural. Let’s see how chilling the film will get as it’s still one hell of a reason to watch and get on a haunting ride on Amazon miniTV for free. And we think that’s honestly enough to hook anyone and everyone.