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“The man must be from a different field not from the acting,” reveals Ahsaas Channa about her type of ideal men in the latest episode of Amazon miniTV’s By invite Only

“The man must be from a different field not from the acting,” reveals Ahsaas Channa about her type of ideal men in the latest episode of Amazon miniTV’s By invite Only

Mumbai, 18 May 2023: Amazon miniTVs Gen Z talk show, ‘By Invite Only’ hosted famous actors Amol Parashar and Ahsaas Channa in its latest episode. Filled with sassy and candid confessions, the duo discussed their life and relationship status and upcoming projects. They beguiled the host by alternating the conversation between love, rejection and scorching gossip, throwing light on family, work, and much more.

During a conversation Renil asked the duo about their first-ever audition experience in life and how bad it was. To which Ahsaas replied by saying, “Mine was never bad, mine was traumatising, especially when the casting team commented on your face ‘You are not fit’ that really hurts. Over time I realized it was not a personal rejection, but I used to feel disappointed. But if you wanna talk about personal rejection then I think one night is not enough for that, I have been rejected by boys and men several times. Being a sensitive person, I get attached easily with people. If Amol will not talk to me properly, I will get really worried”.

While chatting about their relationship, Renil asked Amol about his relationship status. “I am also surprised that I am in a relationship after having a non-committal phase in my life”, replied Amol. Renil further took a dig and asked, “Are there any more chances on that because two of my friends are waiting for the same”. To which he answered back in his quirky way, “What do they want? commitment? Time passes? or what? I will add them to the waitlist, for the time being, it is all settled”.

The duo also shared their perception on love and their type. Amol mentioned, “I believe in comfortability. I would like to define love as acceptance like our parents accept us in every aspect of life. If you commit a murder, your mother will still accept you, that is called love. When people do not accept some parts of us then conflicts happen, and people feel unloved”. Ahsaas revealed how she doesn’t prefer a guy from the same field. She said, “I don’t have any type, I want a nice, tall, and understanding person only. Most importantly, the man must be from a different field not from the acting field because I feel there is some kind of jealousy, and ego indulges if two partners come from the same field”.

By Invite Only is produced by The Zoom Studios and the episode is now streaming on Amazon miniTV for free, available within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.


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