Friday, June 21

These are the 4 supervillains we wish to put up an epic battle against The Marvels


These are the 4 supervillains we wish to put up an epic battle against The Marvels

The Marvels are a power-packed team-up of superheroes who yield light-based powers in different forms. Dar Benn – a mighty Kree warrior has challenged The Marvels by entangling their powers by using Ms. Marvel’s bangle. Seeking vengeance against Captain Marvel, actress Zawe Ashton is all prepped by boyfriend Tom Hiddleston’s (Loki) advice to put up a powerful fight. While we await the power-trio in an epic battle in The Marvels, here are some of the mightiest villains across the Marvel universe who would present lethal challenges to The Marvels!


Lauri-Ell is another Kree warrior who is the half-sister of Captain Marvel in the comics. Although she was a complete Kree, unlike Captain Marvel, in a recent issue of the comics she is seen against her sister Captain Marvel, and eventually bearing the role of an accuser by herself. Although the two share a love-hate relationship like Loki and Thor in the comics. Due to a contrast in their interests arising from a Civil War-like situation, it would be a high-octane battle between The Marvels and the indomitable Kree.


Talos: The Untamed

Talos, the fan-favourite super-Skrull once went all out in the comics and transformed into ‘Talos The Untamed’ in order to throw off the forces that posed even the slightest of danger to the Skrulls. If The Marvels ever have to pick up a battle against the Skrulls following an invasion on the planet, and actor Ben Mendelsohn’s recently opening up about his will to play reprise his role in another project, we might witness Talos in his ‘Untamed’ element who would wage a courageous war against The Marvels.


Supreme Intelligence

Supreme Intelligence as depicted in Captain Marvel, is the archival creation of the Kree race, where all greatest Kree minds: thinkers, generals, philosophers, scientists e.t.c. were extracted and archived into a supercomputer, which eventually developed a conscience of its own. The Kree, under the governance of Supreme Intelligence would only take an idea of a rogue invasion, to unleash the most powerful Kree soldiers on the planet. Now imagine the thrilling battle where The Marvels take down an army of supervillains to save the planet in a sequel to The Marvels !



Galactus, the devourer of worlds was briefly teased in the post-credits scene of Eternals. He is known to consume all the planets in his sight in order to sustain, and just like the children of Thanos, Galactus has allies known as “Heralds” who lock their targets on suitable worlds to devour. Although his return as a supervillain is uncertain, how cool would it be to see The Marvels, putting up a spectacular fight against the cosmic giant!