Thursday, June 1

Unleash Your Bollywood Obsession with These 5 Must-Listen Audio Series!


If you’re a true audiophile looking for the next big thing in audio entertainment, look no further than Pocket FM. Our curated selection of audio series draws inspiration from the rich history of Bollywood’s iconic titles, bringing fresh and innovative takes on classic stories. Think of it like a vintage bottle of wine with a bold new flavor profile that you won’t find anywhere else. So why wait? Grab your headphones and get ready to embark on an unforgettable Bollywood-inspired audio adventure.

*Band Baja Breakup*
Relive the magic of Anushka Sharma’s debut movie, Band Baaja Baaraat, that inspires the name of Pocket FM’s captivating audio series titled, Band Baja Break Up. Follow Anika’s journey as she overcomes betrayal on her wedding day and sets out to reclaim what’s rightfully hers. Along the way, she meets Riyansh, a successful business tycoon who initially dislikes her but soon sees her strength, determination, and kindness. As their love grows, they face numerous obstacles, but Anika’s past experiences guide her through the challenges, proving that love can conquer all. Tune in to Pocket FM’s Band Baja Breakup to discover if their love will triumph over adversity.

*Help Me, Aisha*
Dive into the world of Aisha with Pocket FM’s ‘Help Me, Aisha.’ The name of the popular series is inspired by Sonam Kapoor starrer Bollywood movie ‘Aisha’. Help Me, Aisha follows the adventures of a young girl named Aisha, who finds herself in the middle of a mysterious and thrilling journey. Aisha’s life takes an eerie turn when she starts experiencing strange incidents and a shadowy figure begins staring at her. As she delves deeper into the mystery, the voice calling out to her becomes louder and more desperate. Who is calling out to her, and why do they need her to help? Tune in to Pocket FM to unravel the spine-chilling story of Aisha and the voice that haunts her every move.

*Super Son In Law*
Pocket FM’s latest audio series, Super Son In Law, draws inspiration from the name of Bollywood movie Super Nani starring the terrific trio Rekha, Sharma Joshi and Anupam Kher. This captivating and entertaining audio series follows Vivek on his journey from failure to success, from losing everything to becoming a hero. After a devastating car accident left him with nothing, Vivek struggled to find purpose in life. However, a miraculous transformation turned his life around, and he became a new man with a new personality, ready to take on the world. Written by Nitisha Agrawal and Mira Shastri, Super Son In Law is a heartwarming story of hope and redemption. Will Vivek be able to hold onto his newfound success and overcome the challenges that come his way? Tune in to Pocket FM’s Super Son In Law to discover the answer.

*Phir Milenge*
While Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor fans still hold on to the dream of hearing the duo say ‘Milenge Milenge’ again, Pocket FM’s audio series, inspired by the Bollywood movie of the same name, is a perfect treat for rom-com enthusiasts who are longing for a heartwarming love story. Phir Milenge tells the story of Kritika, who learns the hard way that love isn’t always easy. After her biggest day ends in heartbreak and separation from her love, Kritika passes away. But fate has other plans, and Kritika is reborn. Now, faced with a new life and the possibility of reuniting with her love, Kritika must navigate the challenges that come with this borrowed life. Can she find happiness and love again? Written by Ayush and Prakhar, this captivating audio series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on Phir Milenge on Pocket FM.

*Love Marriage Siyaapa*
Pocket FM’s audio series Love Marriage Siyaapa, inspired by the name of the Bollywood movie Total Siyapaa, promises to be as entertaining as the movie that starred Yami Gautam. The audio series follows the story of childhood friends Akshay and Navya as they embark on their journey toward marriage. Akshay, the college heartthrob, and Navya, the perfect combination of beauty and brains, seem to be the perfect match. However, when they move in together, things start to get rocky. Will they make it to the altar, or will the arrival of the handsome Arjun ruin everything? Don’t miss this thrilling audio series, available exclusively on Pocket FM.