Thursday, June 1

Want to unwind after a busy day? Laugh-out-loud with Rahul Talks to People, a Crowdwork special featuring Rahul Subramanian, on Prime Video

With the abundance of comedy shows and stand-up specials available in the digital space, comedy has found a special place in every Indian home today. Prime Video, which has been a home for some of the most popular comedy shows from across the globe, is back with a new offering, Rahul Talks to People. For the first time ace comedian Rahul Subramanian in seen performing one his favourite and most enjoyed comedy formats, Crowdwork – an impromptu and spontaneous interaction with the audience. His clever wit, humor, and rib-tickling act have always struck a right chord with the audience. Keeping up with the daily dose of entertainment and tickling the funny bone, Rahul is gearing up to give the audience moments of fun-filled laughter. Without further ado, we list down four reasons that will make this crowdwork special deserving of a spot on your watch list.

*1) Five different flavours of humor* – In Rahul Talks to People, Rahul Subramanian is caught engaging with diverse audiences in different cities – Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. It’s an array of conversations, where he engages with different people. There’s a bunch of friends who have come to see his show for the first time, then a techie, an entrepreneur, marketing professional and more. It’s the variety in the humor that also makes it entertaining and engaging.

*2) For the first time ever on a streaming service* – Rahul Subramanian brings Crowdwork special: Rahul began his comic career by winning the ‘YouTube Comedy Hunt’ as a member of the group Random Chikibum. Since then, Rahul established himself as a household celebrity in the standup comedy. While he has performed and excelled in varied comedy styles, one of the most loved formats is when Rahul engages in candid, unstaged, unrehearsed conversations with his audiences, creating spontaneous jokes based on what they are saying. It is one of the difficult forms of comedy that Rahul performs like a pro. Rahul Talks to People will make you laugh out loud while also subconsciously encouraging you to participate.

*3) Relatable content* – Rahul himself has experience working a 9 to 5 job in a corporate environment. His quips about the business world, including difficult employment, technology, corporate misconduct, umpiring cricket matches, and more, make it incredibly relatable to the audience to chuckle at.

*4) Rahul Subramanian – reason enough to watch* – Rahul Subramanian is certainly a reason enough for the audience to watch this crowdwork special. The fanbase of the comedian has grown over the years—from the launch of his YouTube channel to his stand-up specials and his funny antics on Comicstaan. Rahul’s presence and a quick wit make it a fun watch, something that the audience would want after a long hard day.

So, grab popcorn and get ready to go ROFL with Rahul Talks to People. Produced by OML and directed by Biswa Kalyan Rath, the Crowdwork special is now streaming on Prime Video in India and 240+ countries and territories worldwide.