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Writer Priyanka Pareek shares her journey from IT to commercial writer for her audio series Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life, family support and more

Writer Priyanka Pareek shares her journey from IT to commercial writer for her audio series Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life, family support and more

Priyanka Pareek, the writer behind the captivating audio series “Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life.” Born and raised in the vibrant city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, Priyanka’s educational journey led her to acquire a degree in Engineering. However, her path was destined for a remarkable shift as she transitioned from a promising IT career to a passionate writer with Pocket FM.

*Q1: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?*

A: I was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and completed my education there, holding a degree in Engineering. I’m currently 34 years old and reside in Pune, Maharashtra. My journey into writing has been quite diverse, with a background in IT engineering for about 3 to 4 years before transitioning to work in an NGO. During this time, I kept writing, although it wasn’t yet a commercial endeavour.

*Q2: How did you transition from an IT job to writing?*

A: After leaving my NGO job, I took a two-year break to explore and develop my writing style. It was during this time that my foray into commercial writing began, which has continued for the past 2-3 years. My passion for writing remained constant throughout my career shifts.

*Q3: Tell us something about your audio series Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life?*

A: Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life follows Arpita’s life as she moves from a small town to an unhappy marriage in Gurgaon. Her world takes an unexpected twist when she becomes entangled in the life of Koel Malhotra, a popular Radio Masti personality. Juggling two identities, Arpita encounters challenges and a mysterious stalker while exploring themes of love, identity, and empowerment. It is a mix of drama, romance, and suspense that keeps listeners hooked.

*Q4: How did your NGO experience impact your writing?*

A: Working in an NGO exposed me to various social issues, such as hygiene and coordinating with people, which deeply influenced my writing. It was during this period that I realized the importance of addressing these issues through storytelling. I waited for the right opportunity to share these social issues, and that opportunity came with my work in Pocket FM’s fiction audio series.

*Q5: How has your family supported your writing journey?*

A: My family, particularly my husband, has been incredibly supportive of my writing career. Despite having to cancel vacation plans on occasion due to work commitments, he continues to encourage and appreciate my work. Initially, it was a shock for my in-laws when I left my well-paying job for writing, but I managed to convince them, and they are now happy with my choice.

*Q6: How has Pocket FM helped in your writing journey?*

A: Pocket FM has not only given me the platform to showcase my writing but has also provided me with authority and recognition in the field. Working with their creative team has expanded my thinking and given me a fresh perspective on storytelling.

*Q7: Can you share some advice for budding writers? And what’s next for you after “Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life”?*

A: My advice to aspiring writers is to write regularly, expressing your thoughts and imagination. Reading extensively, from various genres including mythological and fiction, can broaden your horizons. Additionally, interacting with new people and engaging in daily diary writing can be immensely helpful in nurturing your writing skills. Remember, there’s no single formula for success; it’s about staying dedicated and passionate about your craft. After “Koel Malhotra Ki Secret Life,” I have been involved with other upcoming shows. My journey in audio series writing continues, and I’m excited to explore new projects and stories in the future. \