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Writer Twinkle Chawle How Writing Helped Her Conquer Depression, Dives into ‘Arjun Ki Dulhaniya,’ and Talks About Family and Relatives’ Reactions to Her Career Choices

Writer Twinkle Chawle How Writing Helped Her Conquer Depression, Dives into ‘Arjun Ki Dulhaniya,’ and Talks About Family and Relatives’ Reactions to Her Career Choices

Twinkle Chawle, a 27-year-old writer from a city in Madhya Pradesh, shares her story. She talks about how writing helped her during tough times, her popular audio series ‘Arjun Ki Dulhaniya,’ and what her family and relatives thought when she chose writing over banking.


Q1: Can you share a bit about yourself and your journey?

Twinkle: I’m a 27-year-old from Paraswada (Balaghat), Madhya Pradesh. My journey has been quite unexpected. I started with engineering in Bhopal and then did an MBA in Indore. But what’s really surprising is that I discovered my true passion during the lockdown while I was preparing for government exams. It was a tough time, both academically and financially.


Q2: How did you discover your love for writing?

Twinkle: I’ve loved writing since I was a kid, and it’s all thanks to my grandfather. He had a big collection of novels and stories, and we used to read and talk about them a lot. I also enjoyed reading newspapers like Bal Bhaskar. Back then, I never thought this love for reading would turn into a job as a writer.

Q3: What led you to start writing during the lockdown?

Twinkle: The lockdown brought some tough financial challenges, especially as I was preparing for government exams. Then I lost my grandfather. The stress and uncertainty started affecting my mental health, leading to depression. That’s when I turned to writing as a way to release my pent-up stress and emotions.

Q4: How did you find Pocket FM and begin your writing journey there?

Twinkle: I found Pocket FM by accident. I was just browsing online, looking for some good stories, and then I stumbled upon this platform. I decided to send them a sample of my writing, and to my surprise, they replied quickly and even gave me a call.

Q5: You mentioned that writing helped you overcome depression. Can you explain how it positively impacted your mental health?

Twinkle: Writing became my lifeline during those difficult times, especially when I was fighting depression. It was like a ray of hope in the darkness. It gave me a way to pour out all my stress, emotions, and worries in a creative way. It was like a form of therapy, a safe place to let out all my feelings and heal through storytelling.

Q6: Could you share your experience of writing your first audio series, “Rock & Roll,” for Pocket FM?

Twinkle: Writing “Rock & Roll” was so exciting! It was my first story for Pocket FM, and at the same time, I was studying for a career in banking. I didn’t have any professional writing experience, so I had to use my imagination to paint a clear picture for the listeners. Pocket FM provided me with great guidance and support, which really helped me become a better storyteller.

Q7: What inspired you to create “Arjun ki Dulhaniya,” and how did you develop this unique story?

Twinkle: “Arjun ki Dulhaniya” is a one-of-a-kind story that blends multiple genres like love, thriller, and action. I always wanted to create a story that had all these elements. Arjun, the protagonist, is a character with a twist—jovial, strong, and deeply religious. Crafting a character engaged to three women, harboring a secret mission, and experiencing a budding romance was both challenging and exciting. I focused on character development and engaging story elements.

Q8: How did your family react when they discovered your writing career?

Twinkle: At first, I didn’t tell my family about my writing. But when I got my first payment, I had to share the news. They were really happy about it. They were excited to know that I was not only doing what I loved but also making money from it. I made them proud by becoming the first writer in our family.

Q9: How have your relatives and friends responded to your career as a writer?

Twinkle: Initially, some of my relatives had doubts about me being a writer. But when they saw that I was earning more than their children in regular 9-5 jobs, their views and perspective towards writing totally changed.

Q10: Can you tell us more about your grandfather’s influence on your writing journey?

Twinkle: My grandfather was a big part of my life, and he was the first audience to my stories. He was really smart, having been a Hindi teacher and then a principal. He liked my storytelling and gave me helpful advice to make my stories better. I wish he could have heard my audio series, but unfortunately, he couldn’t.

Q11: What advice do you have for people facing depression or pursuing their passions?

Twinkle: If you’re dealing with depression, I’d suggest turning to your family for inspiration and support. Embrace your passion, whether it’s writing or any other creative outlet. Just start writing, whatever comes to your mind. Over time, you’ll discover that it can help you cope with tough times and find your sense of purpose again.

Q12: What keeps you motivated and fulfilled as a writer?

Twinkle: The comments and feedback from my listeners mean the world to me. They motivate me and fill me with happiness. Knowing that my stories connect with them and bring joy to their lives is the best feeling and keeps me inspired to keep on writing.