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Ahead Of The Marvels, Here Are Some Interesting Facts About The Cast And Creators

Ahead Of The Marvels, Here Are Some Interesting Facts About The Cast And Creators

This Diwali, Marvel Studios is all geared up to bring the lightning trio of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Ms. Marvel into an intergalactic adventure in The Marvels. Fans and audiences worldwide are all excited to witness the cute Flerkens, Seo-Jun Park’s Marvel debut, and Nick Fury’s iconic return to the big screens. Here are some amazing facts about The Marvels that might make the wait for the release irresistible.

Samuel L. Jackson’s long-standing association with Marvel Studios


Samuel L. Jackson first appeared as Nick Fury in Iron Man – the first-ever film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fans have always showered love to the now ex-director of S.H.I.E.L.D. It has been 15 years since Samuel L. Jackson’s association with MCU and with the upcoming film ‘The Marvels’, the legendary actor will mark his 33rd appearance across Marvel Studios films and web shows.

Goose The Cute But Lethal Flerken Cat was Actually Played By Two ‘Co-Actors’

Playing Goose, the Flerken cat in The Marvels was the work of two talented ‘Cat actors’: Nemo and Tango. Renowned cat trainer Jo Vaughan directed the cats as required on the sets where he also revealed that Nemo mostly did the action scenes where running and jumping were involved, whereas Tango was the face of Goose. How interesting is that??

Iman Vellani’s first feature film

Iman Vellani who made her Hollywood debut with ‘Ms. Marvel’ and won audiences’ hearts across the globe, The fans cannot wait to witness her endearing persona where she will be sharing the screen space with Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris, making it her first feature film.

The Marvels has the youngest director of MCU

Nia DaCosta is the youngest director to ever direct a Marvel film surpassing Ryan Coogler (Black Panther 2018). On Creating the first ever female-ensemble superhero film, she really hopes these three characters to go forward as a ‘trio’ – “because” she feels that, “they’re really great together”. And What a delight would it be, to know what the young director packs in The Marvels?

Monica Rambeau is the ‘middle sister’ of The Marvels

With Monica Rambeau’s much-awaited debut in MCU, The Marvels will be set in an intergalactic adventure where the three leading ladies unite to save the world. Already being hailed as the ‘middle sister of the trio, the director also described Monica’s ‘sisterly’ persona as the one “who’s felt the abandonment of the eldest more deeply, and who knows the eldest better than the youngest.” who also is “the tether between the two.”

The Marvels will release in theatres this Diwali, in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu