Wednesday, July 17

Music Director Sam CS makes his International debut with Vietnamese Movie ‘Sam Hoi’

Sam CS found glorious enrolments for his brilliant musical score in the industry. What turned more spotlights upon him was the spectacular BGM scores, which became his ID beyond the linguistic barriers and boundaries. With an array of big projects lined up ahead, Sam CS is now making his international debut by composing music for a Vietnamese Movie titled ‘Sam Hoi’, directed by stunt choreographer Peter Hein.

“I am pretty delighted and nervous at the same time”, smilingly says music director Sam CS as he looks forward to a positive response from international audiences for his music. “The opportunity to compose music for “Sam Hoi” came through Peter Hein Master, who is directing this film. I thank him for the trust he banked on me. The whole process of creating music was something new and magical for me as I could explore new domains. Although the film has nitty-gritty action elements for its set against the backdrops of boxing rings, it owns an emotional essence, which gave more scope for music to enhance the feel. I am happy to say that I have started receiving more International offers including a Korean movie even before the film’s release.”

‘Sam Hoi’ is scheduled to hit screens by early 2021.