Sunday, July 14

Navneet Malik honours his teacher-father on Teacher’s Day*

Navneet Malik honours his teacher-father on Teacher’s Day


Parents are rightly called a child’s first teachers. For The Freelancer actor Navneet Malik, this has a deeper meaning as learning from his father, in more ways than one, has not ended until today.

On Teacher’s Day, the actor hails his greatest teacher, his father, who is incidentally also a school teacher in Haryana. “Since my early childhood days, my father has been giving me life lessons about doing the right thing, never giving up, being kind and so much more. Back then, as a child, I didn’t understand all these deep talks but they always stayed with me, especially in my subconscious. And they have proved to be such precious learnings,” Navneet says. He adds that people appreciating how well he behaves and treats them is all thanks to what he has learnt from his dad.

Navneet remembers being his father’s student at the government school in Haryana in Class 4 and attending a primary school he opened in their house. “He is a great educator so much so that he has won the State Award as the Best Science Teacher,” states the proud son.

From the classroom to his living room, the teachings by his dad haven’t ended even today. Navneet tell us that his father calls him every single evening at about 9 pm. And their conversations are not just about catching up or checking in on Navneet. “Besides asking how I am doing and about my work, every day he shares some words of wisdom with me. Two things have not changed ever since I moved so far away from my parents. My dad’s calls at 9 pm everyday and at two lines of some advice and learnings for me,” he beams.

Navneet says that he listens to his father as keenly today as he did when he was a kid. “I really wish everyone had a loving dad who is also a wise guru, just like my father. There’s no greater teacher for me than him to honour today on Teacher’s Day.”