Wednesday, July 17

Sun Neo Sets the Stage with Four New Shows: ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya,’ ‘Ishq Jabariya,’ ‘Saajha Sindoor’ and ‘Nandini’

Sun Neo Sets the Stage with Four New Shows: ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya,’ ‘Ishq Jabariya,’ ‘Saajha Sindoor’ and ‘Nandini’

Sun TV Network, India’s leading media network, recently expanded into the Hindi-speaking market with its first Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Sun Neo. The channel has announced the launch of four compelling shows – ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya,’ ‘Ishq Jabariya,’ ‘Saajha Sindoor’ and ‘Nandini’– strategically aimed at strengthening the network’s presence in the Hindi GEC space. Sun Neo is all set to elevate prime-time entertainment with these four new shows, offering 3.5 hours of exciting content starting June 16th at 7 pm.

‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya’ depicts the portrayal of Goddess ‘Chhathi Maiyya,’ revered in UP and Bihar, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil through faith and devotion. ‘Ishq Jabariya’ is a romantic drama that follows a girl’s journey to pursue her dreams against all odds, intertwined with the issue of pakadwa vivaah. ‘Saajha Sindoor’ revolves around parenthood, childbirth, challenges faced by women, love, and betrayal. ‘Nandini’ is a supernatural fantasy thriller drama show that revolves around a wealthy and influential family plagued by a snake’s curse. These four shows aim to offer a rich variety of content to cater to the diverse preferences of Indian audiences.

The new shows promise a diverse range of engaging content tailored to resonate deeply with Indian audiences. Each narrative is crafted to captivate viewers with its compelling storytelling and emotional depth, aiming not just to entertain but also to provoke thought and evoke a range of emotions. With these offerings, Sun Neo seeks to set new benchmarks in the industry while celebrating the cultural richness and diversity of its Hindi-speaking viewers.

*Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who plays the role of Goddess Chhatti Maiyaa in Sun Neo’s show ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya, expressed,* “When I was offered this role, I was pleasantly surprised because it’s unlike any character I’ve played before. It’s my debut as a Goddess on screen, and I never imagined portraying such a role. This is also the first time Chhatti Maiyyaa is being introduced on Hindi TV, which makes it even more special. Playing this role has been a fulfilling experience. I’ve immersed myself in the culture of Bihar and learned a lot about Chhatti Maiyya herself. I feel a mix of excitement and nervousness, but I’m positive that viewers will not only appreciate my character but also embrace ‘Chhatti Maiyya Ki Bitiya’ and the new channel Sun Neo, which is set to bring a fresh wave of energy and positivity to television.”

*Kamya Panjabi, who plays the role of Mohini in Sun Neo’s show Ishq Jabariya, shared,* “I’m delighted to be a part of not just a new show, but a new channel – Sun Neo. Ishq Jabariya sheds light on social issues in rural areas, and I’m privileged to contribute to such meaningful projects. I portray Mohini, the aunt of the protagonist, who has her own story filled with mixed emotions, pain, and injustice. While I can’t reveal much about my character at this stage, audiences will witness a strong bond between me and the hero of the show. As always, I’ll strive to bring my unique touch and essence to the character.”

*Sangita Ghosh, who plays the character of Saroj in Sun Neo’s Saajha Sindoor, said,* “I’m filled with a mix of excitement and nervousness as I’m playing an antagonist onscreen. Saajha Sindoor is set in Rajasthan, and it’s the first time I’ll be exploring a character from a rural background. I’ll be playing Saroj, a character with a complex personality. She’s the kind of person who will evoke different reactions from different people—some will like her, some will dislike her, but no one will be able to ignore her. Saroj operates with her own agenda, making her extremely unpredictable. I’m grateful not only to be a part of a new show but also to be working with a channel like Sun Neo that’s enthusiastic about entertaining viewers.”

*Sahil Uppal, who plays the male lead Gagan in Sun Neo’s Saajha Sindoor, said,* “Associating with a new channel with fresh energy and enthusiasm is amazing. I’m grateful to Sun Neo for giving me a chance to be a part of an interesting show like Saajha Sindoor. I play the character of Gagan; he’s a very ideal husband and son. He has a very high sense of justice; he’ll even take a stand and go against his father if he is wrong. He is very loyal to his wife. Not revealing much, the story is very interesting, and the journey so far has been great. Being a part of Sun Neo is great, and I look forward to the audience watching our show and sharing their feedback.”

With Sun Neo, Sun TV Network is set to conquer the hearts of audiences across the Hindi heartland, aiming to establish itself as the go-to destination for top-tier entertainment. Embodying the spirit of ‘Dil Se Jiyo’ (Live from the Heart), Sun Neo champions authenticity and encourages viewers to embrace life with passion and sincerity.

*Tune in to Sun Neo every Monday to Saturday for ‘Chhathi Maiyya Ki Bitiya’ at 7 PM, ‘Ishq Jabariya’ at 7:30 PM, ‘Saajha Sindoor’ at 8 PM and ‘Nandini’ at 8.30 PM. The channel is now available on all leading DTH and cable operators, as well as DD Free Dish.*