Thursday, October 1

“That we become more conscious about the world that were living in”, hopes Jacqueline Fernandez for the new world!

Jacqueline Fernandez is one widely loved actress and has won hearts with her amazing performances on screen with a diverse set of characters. Apart from acting, Jacqueline is very compassionate about nature, yoga, animals and much more. The actress tells us about her hope for the new world and, it’s so relatable and inspiring!

In a recent interview with a leading magazine, Jacqueline shares, “My hope for the new world is just that we become more conscious about the world that were living in. We don’t spend too much time and energy into traffic causing pollution. We’ve also been managing pretty well on zoom and not only that really has been saving our time and energy but also keeping our roads clear and our air clear.”

Talking about the positive side of the lockdown, the actress adds, “The earth has definitely used this time to regenerate and it was something that was really needed. It’s the good that came out of it.”

“I just really hope for the new world that we’re able to understand how badly this was needed and maintain that now. I really hope that we’re able to continue that. Our air has gotten clear, animals have been coming out, and it’s such a beautiful thing. I think, it’s important to realise that this earth will go on with or without us so we definitely need to become a lot more respectful towards it, she concluded on a hopeful note.

Jacqueline has always spreads positivity as she possesses a positive outlook. She always shares a whole different perspective of looking at things which is amazing.

The actress is also having a brilliant 2020 as she has released songs back to back and marked her debut on OTT platform with her performance in her psychological thriller Mrs. Serial Killer.