Wednesday, July 17

Vibhav Roy Discusses the Latest Track in Shaitani Rasmein

Vibhav Roy Discusses the Latest Track in Shaitani Rasmein

Shaitani Rasmein, a popuar show on Star Bharat, is currently delving into a pivotal storyline. Vibhav Roy, the lead actor, sheds light on the ongoing developments and what viewers can expect in the upcoming episodes.

The current track of Shaitani Rasmein revolves around Nikki’s journey into the past. This storyline is a sequel where Nikki travels back in time to unite Maharani Swarnaprava and Senapati Kadam, who are Nikki and Piyush in their past lives. Their union is crucial as it holds the key to making Malik mortal and ultimately defeating him. Rajveer Singh highlights the significance of this scene, emphasizing how it is essential for Nikki and Piyush to come together to end Malik’s reign of terror.

*Vibhav Roy provides more insights into this crucial plot, stating,* “The upcoming episodes will be something that is going to help Nikki and Piyush get a win upon Malik and to be able to kill him. Naqiyah has traveled to the past, and as they unite and plan to kill Malik, the bond and love between Nikki and Piyush is seen to be very strong as even in their past life, they were romantically involved.”

*He further adds,* “Now with each upcoming episode, the audience will experience the intensity of how Vibhav and Nikki get together to end Malik. Even when we were shooting, I could feel the intensity in the environment, and everyone was so invested throughout. As we shoot the upcoming episodes, we have some major twists and turns, and we promise that the audience will have an unexpected thrill.”

The storyline not only emphasizes the romantic bond between Nikki and Piyush but also brings in an element of suspense and excitement as they work together to defeat Malik. The past and present intertwine, showcasing their strong connection and the significant role their relationship plays in the battle against Malik.

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