Thursday, December 1

CM Bommiahs speech in the Audio Release of Vijayanand

Imet Vijay In 1985 and he was into
Printing dictionary etc. he came from Gadag

He is Man with hunger FC
He always innovates
He is not a venturist. He is a adventurist
He make profits on all his business and ventures

What ever is impossible in life he makes it possible!
He got success in all the area with his hard work and ideology and never compromises on any thing.
He never says no to any proposals given to him.

He pleases every one and never says no to any thing.

He is in print media electronic media transportation, entertainment ,air transport etc.,

He will say spade as spade !!
If some thing is wrong he says, upfront without any inhibitions.

He served as loksaba MP for three terms and he is a man of Punctuality
He is a righteous person
He takes risks and even a loss making print media he makes that into profitable one.,
by selling News paper for Just 1 rupee and revelutionizing the Print Media. With more readership and ad revenues he made the industry profitable .

What ever he touches is successful with Vijay(Victory)

Because of cost effectiveness of paper many bought his paper.

With old truck he started his logistic career

Now he owns 5600 trucks and ,5300 buses which is a difficult venture but he made it this business as super hit.

We All know the challenges in transport business ,but he steered it well.

With great perseverance he achieved all his goals !

I have seen him in close quarters so am able to know the troubles he has undergone to flourish in his career

His life sketch to be introduced in IIMs as a subject

He laaso started Asia’s biggest studio always he things big and does in big scale.

This Bio pic done so nicely done by the director ,Ms Nishitha Sharma of
150 hrs audio content she shrunk to 2.5 hrs. . It can be even taken as one or two more movie, as the content is so much.

He is the no1 can take highest risk and high gain !!

He is a realistic personality. Being a kannadiga accomplished great heights.

North east india is not connected properly in logistics by road and air, even that sector he connect by air and road and in that business also he reaped profits .

He is dedicated to this State and Nation is also devoted soul he has both Monitary Shakthi and God’s

Dec 9 2022 is going to be released 1400 hundred Sceens in India. And 200 plus screens in USA going to be a mega hit
Since it’s a Kannada Biopic we are lucky to have this movie with multi languges by watching this . 100 Vijayanand shall emerge in Karnataka.

I congratulate and wish great success to the movie Vijayanand to be a mega hit.