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Avadhut Sprituai and Cuiturai Foundation students and music professor bhairavi dhandapani performed for Diwali function

Diwali Damage performance by Avadhut music academy. Bhairavi Dhandapani is one of the Good and popular Carnatic musicians in Nashville. She has traveled and performed in New York Tamil Sangam, kahn association, Gujarati association, Marathi mandai , Indian association in Nashville, and in California Tamil Sangam, Bhrama Kumaris centers in California and New York.. she has traveled and performed in Memphis churches, Bowling Green, and Atlanta New Jersey and more for performance.

She has done her Masters in Music from Madras University, and UG in Kaiakshetra one of the internationally Recorgonized fine arts schools in Chennai. She says she was lucky to learn music in Kaiakshetra from the legends. Her favorite Teacher was Hari Prasad kanayai who helped to persuade in Carnatic music.

Carnatic music is a significant genre of

Indian classical music. Many people globally


aspire to learn it.

The ragas are the musical notes and modes in which a song proceeds. These ragas are based on 7 swaras of Carnatic music. They are — Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni. Diverse permutations and combinations of these swaras produce various ragas.


There are two types of ragas — Aarohanam and Avrohanam. Ascending notes of ragas are known as Aarohanam. Descending notes are called Avrohanam. Carnatic ragas are known to be relaxing and soothing to the soul.


The literal meaning of taia in Sanskrit is a cap. Taia is responsible for Carnatic music s beat and rhythms. Vocalists in Carnatic music keep track of taia by tapping their iap with their hands. There are 7 types of tails in Carnatic music. The taias of Carnatic music are unique, and they make the music enjoyable.


Check out someessentiaiCarnatic music iessonsthatgurus teach you in the beginning:-


Sruti You need to be capable of recognizing the patterns of Carnatic music before performing them.Sruti refers to the ability to listen and identify the changes of pitch, Swara, and tail.


The two primary components of Carnatic

mUS ic are r €I    a (     US icai notes) and

aia (rhythm). You need to understand the concept of both raga and tala before moving forward.


CARNATiC VOCAL, teaching aii ieveis in music iike swaravaiii varisai, jantavarisai, dattu varisai, aiankaram, geetam, varnam, kritjis ,Ragam, taiam, niravai,swaram.

preparing STUDENTS to perform on stage

individually and Group singing.


Recently On behalf of Avadhut Sprituai and Cuiturai Foundation students and music professor bhairavi dhandapani performed for Diwali function in the Indian association of Nashville 2021 in in a successful way..lots of audiences liked and encouraged their performances.

We wish them to grow higher.