Saturday, January 28

Gems from stand-up comedian Zakir Khan’s acts that can change your lives!

*Gems from stand-up comedian Zakir Khan’s acts that can change your lives!*

If there is one person who truly understands the millennial generation, it is our very own Sakht Launda aka Zakir Khan. If you are a fan of the stand-up specials by Zakir Khan, then you realise they are not just mere stand-up acts, they are like movies that he weaves and keeps us hooked with his hypnotising narration and storytelling! To put it simply, there is absolutely no story that he can’t make enjoyable. Though these acts are hilarious and a laugh riot, they also have deep meanings and life that will always come in handy when in a dilemma. There are certain elements in these acts that not only resonate with audiences, especially young adults but also compel you to think and wonder.

Here are some of the best quotes from Zakir Khan from his stand-up acts!

*Khan Sahab Nahi Toh Zakir Khan Nahi! (Tathastu)*
Joint families are rare today and nuclear families are the emerging trend in India. While both joint families and nuclear families are individual choices, Zakir highlights how the presence of elders in the family (which he feels fortunate to have had in his childhood), can change the entire course of a person’s life. In Tathastu, Zakir Khan highlights how his grandfather, whom he fondly addresses as Khan Sahab, was a pillar of strength and inspiration. Zakir remarks the only reason he has become the man he is now is because of Khan Sahab. This is also a commentary on the kind of impact and values instilled by our elders to shape our lives.

*Kuch Bhi Rakhna Par Male Ego Mat Rakhna! (Haq Se Single)*
A lot of the world’s problems can be dodged, if not for the fragile male ego. In his stand-up, Haq Se Single, Zakir very subtly narrates an incident that created an issue in his life and he goes on to very subtly expressed through humour that the root problem of that incident was the male ego. The narrative revolves around a guy who stands strong and takes pride in being single after surviving rejection, love, and heartbreaks. To put it shortly, keeping a check on one’s ego will take them a long way.

*Problem Batane me sharm nahi hai, puchne wala chahiye re! (Kaksha Gyarvi)*
In his stand-up act, Kaksha Gyarhvi, Zakir throws light on an incident where he faced difficulty expressing his emotions, but vents about every single problem that he was facing, but his mother talked to him. This is a heart-warming incident where Zakir highlights the issue with men where they are not able to express their emotions. He goes on to explain that it is not because men are born like that, it is because they are conditioned right from their childhood not to express their emotions in public.

Toh ab kya baadal dikhne ka wait kar rahe ho? Go, relive your memories and watch these stand-up specials along with the recently released Tathastu, exclusively streaming now on Prime Video.