Monday, March 20

Women Centric And Hard Hitting Telugu Film ‘Geethasakshiga’ To Release In Hindi On 24th March

After the mind blowing successes of Telugu films ‘Puspa’ and ‘RRR’, mainstream Telugu films have reckoning among the pan indian audiences and have become toast of Hindi cinema going audiences. Breaking the barriers and divide of North-South movies, Telugu cinema is not only creating new benchmarks at the box office but they are also being adored for equally good and meaningful content which is now exciting the Hindi cine-goers like never before.

Now another powerful, intense and emotionally charged up Telugu film ‘Geethasakshiga’ is about to release among Hindi audiences which is based on one of the socially relevant topic of our times.

The film is inspired by true events which talk about the harassment women face in their daily lives. The story of the film is about a girl being raped and murdered by the son of a minister but an innocent boy is put behind the bars for the crime which he didn’t commit. Just because he happens to be at the same hostel where the rape and murdered occurs, the innocent boy has to face the brunt of the police and the system. The film not only talks about the hardship and injustices women face in everyday life but the film is also about women empowerment. In the film it is also shown how the friend of the victim becomes a lawyer and then she work hard to bring the culprit to justice.

Directed by Anthony Matripalli, the story of ‘Geethasakshiga’ has been told in a very powerful manner. Recently, released trailer and songs of the movie garnered very positive response and has created huge buzz on social media. Adarsh and Chitra Shukla will be seen playing pivotal roles in the film while actors like Srikant Iyengar, Rupesh Shetty, Bharani Shankar, Jayalalitha, Anita Chaudhary, Raja Ravindra will also been seen in importance characters in the movie.

While talking about ‘Geethasakshiga’ director Anthony Mattilalli said, “We have made the film with the intention to draw the attention of the people towards the untowards incidences women face. We have shown how at an era when we talk of equally right and respect for women, they are still treated as commodities and violated in every possible ways. They are raped and murdered by goons at their own will and the victims and their families don’t even get justice. The film is a fight against the system and the society which doesn’t support the victims and their families. We have made the film with lot of passion which will be felt by the audiences on screen.”

The soul touching music of the film has been composed by Gopi Sunder, Cinematographer Venkat Hanuma Narishetti has brilliantly captured the story on celluloid and the film has been edited by Kishore Maddali. Produced under theek banner of ‘Chetan Raj Films, the original Telugu version of ‘Geetasakshiga’ will be releasing in cinemas on 22nd March while the Hindi version of the film will release on 24th March, two days after the original one releases in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.